@Macys – Terry Lundgren – Dear Mr. Gennette, I am writing to you to let you know my latest experience

Ya-Ling Huang sent a message to Terry Lundgren that said:

Dear Mr. Gennette,

I am writing to you to let you know my latest experience with your bill payment department after receiving my November 2019 statement on 11/21/19 (confirmation# 4248).

According to this statement, I had missed several payments which alarmed me right away so I called Macy’s immediately (around 5:10pm 11/21/19). I was surprised that I did not received any statements for over 3 months and no warning being sent to me neither and suddenly I got this statement.

In the phone call, I explained to your agent, Ella, that I have never received any statements for the past 3 months. I asked to pay off the bill immediately if they can help me remove all late fee and interest since I did not receive any statements to learn that I had a bill due.

Ella asked me to pay the past due amount and to wait for her supervisor to contact me in 24 to 48 hours to address the late fee and the interest. I agreed and paid.

11/24/19 Sunday about 11:30 am, I got the call from Ella’s supervisor. She said that I am only allowed one removal of late fee and interest per year even though I explained that I did not receive any statements for over 3 months. She said that Macy sent me statements through email and after 3 months of no payment, then Macy sent me a paper statement; therefore, the other 2 late fees are not reversable. I even told her that I have perfect credit score, it made no sense for me to not pay $30.88 for 3 months and caused my credit score to drop. Still, she ignored my complaint.

I was not happy about this and decided to close the account. I called back to Macy’s bill payment department to request for account closing. Surprising to me that your agent said the report about my complaint stated that Macy had sent me paper statements in the past 3 months. I told your agent that the report had make a faulty statement. If I had received any paper statement in the past 3 months, I would have paid the bill. Someone made a false statement in the report to justify the late fees and interest Macy put on me and due to this, my near perfect credit score had dropped. Your agent asked me to wait until next Monday for Macy to report that to the credit agency to change that. I said that reduction still not affecting my credit ranking; unless Macy removing the late fee, I would still want my account closed. Your agent provided the account closing services without offering late fee removal or credit score correction.

I am totally disappointed. I am writing to you to let you know the kind of services your billing department provided to me. I hope the email I received last about closing my Macy account will not further damaging my credit. If so, it would definitely raise hell to me. I would make sure that Macy will get the public attention on how your customers are treated.

Ya-Ling Huang

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