@Macys – Terry Lundgren – I am very upset with Macy?s. On July 13 and 14 I was trying to

Arlene marino sent a message to Terry Lundgren that said:

I am very upset with Macy’s. On July 13 and 14 I was trying to take advantage of your 50 off furniture sale and an additional ten for platinum members. After waiting 45 minutes and transferred to 4 different people nobody would help, as a result you lost the sale as well as me. I was trying to use my platinum card, as I was on vacation n didn’t have it, but my husband had his, but not platinum. I told them to look it up and was transferred here n there and then disconnected. I lost the deal. When I posted it on Facebook, a girl by the name of Eleanor apologized n said to message her to no avail. Can you arrange for me to get the discounts as promised. I called 3 times today n nothing but busy. I want a sleeper sofa in grey US pride10579938, priced at $819 with half off and additional 10 percent. Can you make this happen. Thank you for all your help.

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