@Macys – Terry Lundgren – Mr. Gennette – PLEASE HELP I've been contacting your Cust Svc since October 2019 to

Yolanda Lugo sent a message to Terry Lundgren that said:

Mr. Gennette - PLEASE HELP
I've been contacting your Cust Svc since October 2019 to no avail. Even had a Supv return my call but she hadn't reviewed my issue at all before she called so I'm at my wits end. I NEED TO GET MY CREDIT ASAP. It's now been 3 months & I can't get ANYONE To Help and/or credit my acct. Here's the issue:
Ordered 2 recliners Oct. 7, 2019 and as soon as UPS dropped them off, I declined & asked UPS to take them right back. He lifted them up & immediately placed them right bk in his truck. NOW comes the problem. I can't get ANYONE to give me my credit of $757.64. I have spent HOURS with different Reps who promise everything & I still to this date 1-16-20-- NO CREDIT!!!
This is a lot of money and I'm waiting and waiting!!! All the reps have told me, "Your credit will be on next statement." I've rec'd 4 statements and NO CREDIT!! Reps don't seem to care at all --NONE OF THEM!!
Our customer service is a mess!! As I write this note, I am soooo nervous that I'll never get my money back!! Check my purchases!! You will see that I'm a VERY LOYAL CUSTOMER --Platinum whatever that stands for now 🙁 PLEASE PLEASE CALL ME!!! BUT CHECK MY HISTORY OF MY CALLS & CONCERN OVER MY PENDING CREDIT TO BE PREPARED WITH ISSUE

Maria Yolanda Lugo
Acct #: 6035-3412-0798-2079
Self Chek # 35399033 (2 recliners)
Ticket # 24275604
CELL # 210 422 5640

Mr. Gannette, I'm sooo tired and stressed out with Macy's Cust Svc...NO ONE KNOWS OR CARES ABOUT TAKING CARE OF MY PROBLEM!!! I am a HUGE client of MACYS..take a look at my acct.

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