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Madam Abigail Good day! I wanna greet you first good day to you ma\'am, and may – Abigail Pierrepont Abby Johnson email address

ROSELYN R. ROCABERTE sent a message to Abigail Johnson - President and Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Investments and Chairman of Fidelity Worldwide Investment email address that said:

Madam Abigail

Good day!

I wanna greet you first good day to you maam, and may the Lord GOD bless you always.

Maam, I got your name from Forbes magazines, thats why I know that you are the one of the most World Billionaires in the whole World. By the way maam Im may introduce myself for your references, my name is Roselyn R. Rocaberte living here in Cebu City, Philippines, my complete address Block 22, Lot 28 Phase 1, Helium Street, DECA Home, Tungkil, Minglanilla, Cebu, I have 4 kids and my husband is working as a seaman here in the Philippines. I know that you wonder why I sent you a message, Im just only ask a favor Maam if I can borrow you money worth 11,000 US dollar, I have 3 kids who studying right now and our income in not enough Maam, thats why I have many payable to my credit cards as of now and its added by the interest per month. If allow me to borrow money from you it is the biggest help for me Maam. I think my credit as of now is amounting to 11,000 US dollar plus that is 600,000.00 pesos in Philippines. I will pay that amount Maam within 5 years.

I hope that you understand my situation, and give attention to this message. keep sending letter to other person that I think they can help me this problem.

Thank you Maam and more power to you.

Very truly yours,


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