@marksandspencer – Marc Bolland – Dear CEO. I am so disappointed in M&S. Your buyer for Women?s Clothing has lost

Ruth Knights sent a message to Marc Bolland that said:

Dear CEO.
I am so disappointed in M&S. Your buyer for Women’s Clothing has lost the plot. For years I could always find loads of good quality, great style clothes. I would always purchase an item whenever I visited the store. For the past two years this has not been the case. The clothing is too outlandish, there are hardly any classic items, and the quality is extremely poor. Items that you could always count on are no longer available. When talking with friends, I find that everyone says the same thing. Just read some of the reviews. Even the web pages look poor when compared to other websites e.g. Hobbs, John Lewis. I can only find three women’s coats in the Autograph range, and they are all the same colour! You are losing so many customers who have been loyal to M&S for years it is no wonder you are closing stores.
Please do something to change this trend.
Yours sincerely
Ruth Knights

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