@marksandspencer – Marc Bolland – Dear Mr Rowe I have two unresolved complaints about the quality of product and service

Elizabeth Mellen sent a message to Marc Bolland that said:

Dear Mr Rowe

I have two unresolved complaints about the quality of product and service in relation to two furniture orders last year. This is a complaint about two orders which total several hundred pounds and I do expect it to be taken seriously.

I wanted to address my complaint to the Head of Customer services but after a long wait on the telephone, no one was able or willing to give me a name.

As a result of my experience dealing with the Furniture department, I am not confident of the matter being resolved satisfactorily by the person opening the email, which is what I was told would happen.

I feel that I should be fully compensated for the faulty goods, the second of which was logged as a failed delivery and photographed by the installers. There was also the delivery of a part to the wrong address which involved me going to London and waiting at the post office to be told that the package had been returned to Marks and Spencer. I should also be compensated for the time and stress involved in waiting for and preparing for deliveries, and in telephoning and writing to Customer Services, as well as the sense of not being believed despite the installers having photographed the failed delivery, when I was asked to supply yet more photographs.

As any resolution will no doubt involve me waiting in for installers to fix the wardrobe, this extra time should also be taken into account.

To date the door on the first triple Hastings wardrobe is not functional as a hinge is missing. To date I am not able to use the double Hastings wardrobe as and where planned because the wood is two different colours.

I and my family have been loyal customers for over 60 years, and I personally must have spent £160000 in and using M & S financial services since the start of Sparks. I really feel that the quality of product and service I have received in these instances both fall far below what is expected of such a renowned institution, by yourself, your customers, your staff and the public.

I very much hope you can give this matter your personal attention by ensuring that it is in fact escalated to the Head of Customer Services.

I look forward to hearing from you by return.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Mellen

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