@marksandspencer – Marc Bolland – Dear Mr Rowe, I?m sorry to take up your time,I?m sure you have more

Joy Brailsford sent a message to Marc Bolland that said:

Dear Mr Rowe,
I’m sorry to take up your time,I’m sure you have more important things to address other than a customer complaint, but having spoken with a lady in customer service who as she couldn’t, or wouldn’t answer my query put me on hold listening to music and then after what seemed to be an age put the phone down on me ,you can imagine it does not sit well with me.
The reason I contacted customer service was …I ordered flowers,Prosecco and chocolates last Saturday to be delivered today the 7th.
I had confirmation yesterday that they had been dispatched only to find today on checking the tracking that the delivery firm stated the consignment had not been sent.
Speaking to C.S. I was told this item was not available ,when questioned was told it was held up by the delivery firm and I could re deliver,this I found unsuitable as these were flowers that I wanted delivering fresh.
I was put on hold and the rest you know.
I then re rang and spoke to another C.S. agent and although I was told he would re order free of charge ,when I asked if he was going to refund me my initial £44 .99 said no ,I wasn’t aware M & S make a charge for orders.
I have now asked for a refund which I have an email to that effect and also I have been given a £10 e gift card which is very nice.
It does not alter the fact that I have been totally let down by placing an order and treated appallingly by the lady in customer service.
I wait to hear your response.
Joy Brailsford.

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