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cathryn house sent a message to Marc Bolland that said:

FAO Mr Steve Rowe
Chief Executive
Marks and Spencer Group plc
Waterside House
35 North Wharf Road
W2 1NW

Dear Mr Rowe
I am writing with a big thank you to you and everyone at M&S, especially the Kingsway Simply Food store in Derby. We have always shopped at M&S which we love and really hope you get through these difficult times. Recently, my son Oliver had a very difficult time doing a maths degree at Warwick University which shattered his confidence socially and made him withdraw into his shell. He has “high functioning” autism but is very capable, intelligent and has a sense of humour (despite the stereotypes). He came to M&S Kingsway via the Princes Trust who we will also be eternally grateful to.
During Oliver’s time at M&S Kingsway he started getting out again, gained confidence, work skills, social skills and faith in himself again. We can’t thank you all enough! He must have done well as he was eventually made a permanent member of staff. Later he went to Nottingham University to continue his original plan of doing a masters in maths. He will be working at Kingsway M&S over the Christmas period as he wants to keep his hand in and keep in touch with the staff there. Oliver would probably be mortified to know that I have written to you but I feel compelled to do so.
While writing I have to ask if you are thinking of following the trend of truly eco products, of which there seems to be a lack of on the high streets, most eco products seem to be found online currently unfortunately. As M&S has always made steps towards reducing their carbon foot print I was wondering if you were planning something like a head to toe eco range of makeup, jewellery, toiletries, clothing and you already have a range of plant based foods. I would like to see a truly eco alternative for everything we use on the high street especially at M&S. I will be looking out for this if you do.
We will all be eternally grateful to you and your wonderful M&S. We wish you all the very best with a continuation of your amazing success in the future. We will be eating M&S food this Christmas! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all!

Thank you.
Yours sincerely

Hard copy also sent by post.

Mr and Mrs House

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