@marksandspencer – Marc Bolland – Hello anybody, I have just visited Elgin simply food, I bought some lemon/limes and was

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Hello anybody, I have just visited Elgin simply food, I bought some lemon/limes and was charged £2.50 1kg on receipt, the actual ticket on the display said £1.70 So duly I went back into the store to get a refund, your colleague assured me that the ticket for these lemon/limes were not in place and it was an error hence why they allowed me on this only occasion to get a refund of 80p but after I got home and I actually weighed the lemon/limes and to my surprise it was 700g in weight not 1kg as expected. I feel I was told by your colleague untruths this morning so much I thought I would contact yourselves. I feel I was taken for a fool and certainly felt like a nuisance for even querying the price, I’m afraid your customer service at this particular store is fast flying out of the window, im not very happy with the service received today especially as It seems M and s stores are really becoming a very un helpful place for the older population to shop at and to venture out to go anymore.. I Hope my complaint is taken with some kind of notice and something will be done about the lack care and attention regarding the display tickets in your stores, I hasten to add this is not the first time I’ve had to go back and query my receipts at this shop.
Thank you
Ps Please note Mr Steve Row I have tried to get your customer service Retail email address today via a Christopher OnLine chat! I was told your company doesn’t have an email address and I have to phone retail customer services which I hate because you have to go on a merrygoround which isn’t really helpful for a people in my age bracket, could you please advise what is the real reason please that we cannot have an email address to contact customer services/retail anymore.. I feel this very unfair to your loyal dinosaur customer base and Just yet another reason to make us feel all invisible to marks and spencer plc. and I know deep down I’m wasting my time but at least Ive tried today to make my feelings

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