@marksandspencer – Marc Bolland – I made a substantial order on 25th June and have still not received it. I

Camilla Tennant sent a message to Marc Bolland that said:

I made a substantial order on 25th June and have still not received it. I received an email to inform me that the shipment was too large and would be dispatched in a number of smaller parcels. The address was a BFPO address. Having got back off holiday recently we discovered that our order had not arrived. I rang the helpline and was on hold for over 10 minutes before any one answered. I was re-informed about the size of the order and the need to send it in smaller consignments and I acknowledged that I had received that email. They then told me that they could not contact me on the phone so postponed the order. I have had no email to support this. I asked for the order to be resent and to be expedited. I was told that there would be 3 key items missing from my order and that those missing items would be in store again, but on this occasion I would be refunded the cos of those itemt. I understand this but the order included buy 3 suits get one for free and I still want that deal. Also I was told that the order could only be expedited to Friday. I asked if the order could be send to my physical address in the USA and was told that this was not possible from the UK site and only form the US site. I asked if the order could be moved from one site to the other and I was told this was not possible.And all this time you have had my money and have not asked to refund it. I asked to speak to Amy's supervisor and I have now been on hold again with no contact (and I am calling from abroad in the USA) for 20 minutes.And my whole call has lasted more than 1 hour so far. I think this is simply terrible customer service. I look forward to hearing from you.

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