@marksandspencer – Marc Bolland – I ordered a sofa from M&S Brotherhood Peterborough branch 5 May 2021. My delivery was

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I ordered a sofa from M&S Brotherhood Peterborough branch 5 May 2021. My delivery was booked for 23 July 2021. I received a text message from Wincanton 21.7.21 informing me that I could "chat" to them by SMS.

22.7.21 sent Wincanton a message to let me know an approx time when my sofa would be arriving - no reply. I tried ringing Customer Services - no reply. I then went to M&S Brotherhood to find out what was going on.

The manager, I presume of furniture, without knowing the full facts was telling me if could be a delivery issue??

In the meantime I received a further text message from Wincanton telling me "production delay from M&S so delivery will not be happening"

The M&S manager sent an assistant called Sue to deal with the issue, she contacted customer services only to be told they did not have a reason on their system why my sofa would not be delivered 23.7.21 but there was a note to say customer agreed 9 August delivery. I informed them I had not agreed to anything and further more no one answered when I had tried phoning and texting Wincanton.

Sue was advised by Customer Services to contact Wincanton, after 40 mins, it was clear they were not going to answer.

I was then given another assistant to deal with the problem! No-one in the branch including customer services, could give me an answer why my sofa which had been on order since 5 May would not be delivered 23.7.21.

This other assistant then started showing me other sofas that were available, making totally useless suggestions for e.g move the conservatory seating into the room where the sofa should have been!

When she looked on the system for the sofa I had ordered, Preston Large 3 seater Skye Herringbone silver costing £1099, the product was no longer available.

The M&S manager made no effort what so ever to help, in fact I never saw her again.

To sum up, the service I received, with the exception of Sue, was shambolic, disgraceful, disgusted that I had wasted 10 weeks waiting for a sofa that was never going to arrive and no one had made any effort to notify me there was a problem, if indeed there was a problem.

I now have to wait 3 - 5 days for my money to be refunded before I go looking elsewhere for a sofa.

Bitterly disappointed ex customer of M&S

Miss Cupoli

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