@MarriottIntl – Arne M Sorenson – 7/8/2018 Dear Mr. Sorenson, My name is Shawonda Wright. My family and I recently visited

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Dear Mr. Sorenson,
My name is Shawonda Wright. My family and I recently visited the Courtyard Savannah Midtown on Abercorn Street. We stayed at the hotel 6/25/18-6/28/2018 in room 122. During our visit I was not please with the level of service received. I have patronized many of the Marriott hotels in my 20+ years of traveling and never have I been so disappointed until my stay at the above Savannah location.
On day three of our stay we left our hotel around 10 a.m. and returned around 7 p.m. Upon our return I noticed that out beds were not made, trash not emptied, sand still on the bathroom floor from our visit to the beach the prior evening. I phoned the front desk and spoke with a gentleman who apologized. When I asked for the manager he proceeded to explained that there was no manger on duty. I questioned him as to why there was no manger on duty, what if there was an emergency? His response was “I don’t know I guess I would have to call him on his cell phone”, “He leave early all the time”. The gentleman stated he would send someone to the room and send the manager a message. About ten minutes later a gentleman showed up to my room and stated “Yes”, I asked if he was the manager and he stated no. He stated that he was sent to the room and did not know why. I explained to him that housekeeping never services out room. He stated so what do you want me to do. I asked him what does services the room intel he stated I don’t know, I guess whatever you need. At that point I was upset and frustrated I just told him to bring some towels/wash cloths. He returned a few minutes later with towels/wash cloths. As he handed them to me a few of then fell to the floor and he just stood there and looked at me and did not provide any assistance in picking them up. Once I picked them up he just walked away. I phoned the front desk to explain to the gentleman I spoke with early what had occurred. He stated that the employee’s behavior towards me was unacceptable and he would let the manager know.
The next morning at checkout (10 a.m.) I asked for the manager and spoke with Josh Lowery. I had explained the above issue with him and stated that I had expect to hear from him once he arrive to work. He stated that he had not long arrived at work. He stated that he knew exactly the person who responded to the room last night. He went on to say that the person has some cognitive impairments and that he has had to speak with him before about similar matters. He stated that he would speak with him about the issue. He stated that he was not sure why the room was not serviced, and it should have been. During the conversation he never once apologized until I brought it to his attention. Once I stated that I would be writing a letter to corporate he then offered to give me a discount for that night.
My concern is the lack of customer service received from the low-level employees up to management. For the Marriott to be such a large and well-known name I should never have had the experience that I did. If your leadership team leaves early all the time and your hotel is left with no one to mange it, I guess the level of or lack of customer services is inevitable.
I am not sure if you will ever get this letter, but I had to write it. I have thought about the experience many times since I left.

Disappointed customer,
Shawonda Wright

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