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We met a few years ago at the NYU conference when I was head of Sales and Marketing for Loews.

Wanted to just share some feedback with you regarding your reservation call center.
My son plays travel baseball so I have been booking many marriotts. I have been calling the call center as I need connecting rooms.

Even though reservations are shifting to the Web but the Call Center is still a viable channel.
Based on my reservation calls, the center does not appear to be performing at Marriott standards;

1- Wait time has been 5 minutes on 2 different calls before the line is answered by a person,

2- Agents headset volume on every call has been so low and very hard to hear. I asked to raise the volume,

3- Twice I was put on hold and then my call was dropped ( on different days),

4- Agents are not selling- long empty hold pauses, only offering Rate/Date,

5- On one call the agent said they had confirmed 2 connecting rooms but yet the confrmation and the desk had no record,

6- I had to change dates on a reservation that had 2 rooms, which I stated mutliple times, yet the change was only made on 1 reservation.

Having developed a reservation center I know it is never easy. However 5/6 of the above issues are process.

Hope this is helpful.
Felicia Fisher

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