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Michael J Stachnik sent a message to Arne M Sorenson that said:

We need to know if the maintenance fees we had paid were deducted from the amount owed.

We were making the payments and planned to have them paid by August.

My wife had 2 eye surgeries, one in October 2017 and one in November 2017 and an major emergency surgery on her back/spine at the beginning of this year that is why there was the delay in starting making the maintenance fee payments.

We never in a million years thought you would foreclose this property we have owned for so many years for MAINTENANCE FEES. WE ARE TALKING MAINTENANCE FEES WHICH WE STARTED MAKING THE PAYMENTS ON. NOW THERE ARE ADDITIONAL FEES. HOW CRUEL IS MARRIOTT, VERY, VERY, VERY.

We have an emergency and Marriott quickly turned us over for foreclosure. You were able to see we were making payments. Why did you have to do this to us.

This is maintenance fees for this year not payments on the property. We know Ocean Pointe is ONE OF YOUR PREMIER RESORTS That is why you are so quick to put it in FORECLOSURE.


We always told everyone we know that Marriott was the Best of the Best. Well you sure proved us wrong.


Mike Stachnik

On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 2:12:56 PM EDT, Gonzalez, Bill wrote:

Thank you for contacting Marriott Vacation Worldwide Corporation. We are receipt of your recent inquiry regarding the property referenced above.

Please be advised, your weeks have been released to outside counsel for legal action. Unfortunately you will need to contact the attorneys directly by phone or email to request a full pay off to avoid foreclosure action. When calling please provide them with the information requested and allow 72 business hours to receive a return call or email from them.

Please contact First American Title Company at 702-304-7509 for further information. They may also be reached via email at mvwfcl@firstam.com )

You will need to provide the following information –

The attorneys will respond back to you in the order the request was received.

Thank you,

Bill Gonzalez

Financial Services Default Specialist

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation

1200 Bartow Road

Lakeland, FL 33801

Phone: 1-800-895-5386

Phone: 863-656-4653

Fax: 863-284-5402


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