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Terrence O'Neill sent a message to Arne Sorenson that said:

Hi Arne,
This is what I wrote the team at Westin South Coast Plaza.
What ever happened to the customer always being right, I have felt since I started this project, that the Hotel has had an adversarial position in helping me be sucessful.
I never would have agreed to pay more than the $550 for the two rooms on Saturday, I only agree to those charges for the waterfall Terrace as I am not paying for the space rental.
This was my understanding, now at this point I will not have any choice but to pay the hidden fee, that could clearly be seen , I believed if I was only renting space that the price included any fees that were associated.
I am just a small business Marriott Bonvoy is a multimillion dollar corporation.
The amount of money ( $13,301 .81 ) I am paying for this event is more than I made in a year my last year in the U.S. Navy.
I also sold my room quota and then some for an additional amount at last count of $19,440 for room bookings and had to send some participants down the road to the other Marriott.
So from my point of view , my business is not worth the $190.78 extra I am being forced to pay, even than I was firmly convinced it was included in the space rental for the San Juan/ San Carlos rooms.
Fortunately Marriott Bonvoy ( Westin South Coast Plaza Management ) is not the only location available to host an event.
Unfortunately for $190.78 in hidden fees that cannot be waived, I now need to start looking for another location to host future events even before I had the first one.
Thank you for your extreme inflexibility.
Terry O’Neill
Promoter - CalComicCon

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