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I am writing in reference to a 2 reservations I made last year. At the time of the reservation, the reservation system on line would not let me reserve July 4th night because it only takes reservations for 1 year or less and I was approx 1 year reserving in advance. I reserved 6 room for the week beginning July 1st to July 4th but was unable to reserve the 6 rooms for July 4th to July 5th. I believe I got the dates mixed up - i was supposed to reserve from Thurs night to Sunday check out 7/2 to 7/5 - instead I reserved 7/1 to 7/4 -
I have 6 reservations! I would have to cancel them all - and there is no availability in the area due to a convention. I have tried many times - called hotel, etc.
Is there any way I can get any rooms for that 4th night? July 4th to 5th?
I have been a loyal marriott client for many years. My account # is 743277386.
These are the reservation #s: (its 2 reservations but a separate reservation number for each room)
Reservation #1:
Reservation #2:
Is there anyway you can help with this reservation. We will be in Detroit until 7/5/2020. There are no reservations to be made with Marriott in the city.
Thank you so much for any help you can give us.
Sincerely, Colleen Skehill Meehan
(Name says Skehill only because I was not married when first signed on with Marriott - my Marriott credit card says Colleen Skehill-Meehan)

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