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Hi Sir,
My name is David Nagra. I have tried 3 times to place an order for a pair of jogger pants on-line and the result was as follows: First order was never put through by agent, second order was cancelled by the system automatically 1 week after order placed, 3rd order was taken by agent on sunday 10/4 and I was guaranteed to have item by end of day today 10/6. Today the item is showing back-ordered and I have not idea when I will have the item. I have tried to escalate issue with multiple supervisors with no resolution. the last order number is 2015-2776-2007-7969 . This is the absolute worst customer experience I have ever had with any retail company. I have spent over 2 hours of my valuable time trying to chase down one pair of pants. Absolutely amazing. Like I mentioned I have never experienced anything like this and I look forward to a resolution from you. Thanks

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