@MarvinJCPenney – Marvin R Ellison – I have a complaint that I have tried to revolve with your customer service furniture

Barbara Clinton sent a message to Marvin R Ellison that said:

I have a complaint that I have tried to revolve with your customer service furniture. These are the people I spoke to. Paja - caught her in a lie; Keprina - appeared to know what she was doing but made the situation worst. I spoke to her twice. Unknown- appeared to be drunk, could not get an Ext. , kept repeating the number and getting it wrong. Finally she connected me to Keprina. Another unknown who was quite rude and finally to Joyce who told me it was mine and the bank's problem. I told her the bank would need input from penneys but she just kept repeating herself.
Now that you have the cast, let me tell you the sad story. I ordered a bed that was $1288.55 on 4-6-18. This was a debit transaction from Chase bank. The order did not say when it would get to me but gave a ship date which was 4-11-18. On 4-14-18 I called CS to see status. They said vender was unable to fill my order. Yet no one had bothered to tell me and my debit card had been charged. Asked if a cancellation letter had been sent - answer No. Keprina at least tried to cancel but she made it worst because instead of a cancel letter she reissued the order with the date of 4-14. I finally got the cancel but the bank is going on the date 4-14 and saying I have to wait 15 days so your company can refund me. I told the bank that the order shows I owe $0. But they will not take my word and your people will not help. It's like a big joke to them but for me its ruining the task I have to complete.
This is just the more serious situation I have had with Penney's. I was sent a survey and I gave all o's for service and product. I would not wish Penney's on anybody. I hope you can control your customer service because they are working against keeping this store open.
If you or your second in command wish to speak with me e-mail and I will send my number.
. I hope I did not write this e-mail in vein.

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