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Dear Mr. Masayoshi Son,

Re: Rare earth magnet project with the full sustainable value-chain
I would like to propose you the great potential business opportunity to establish the sustainable full value-chain to cover the RE mining, separation, Metal & alloy production to Sintered NdFeB and Bonded NdFeB magnet production, RE magnet recycling & Li battery Recycling, based on the most advanced & patented technology, under the partnership with the major RE deposit and RE magnet users.

I am working over 38 years in the global Rare earth Industry with the top international leading companies and 32 years as a president or CEO in the international market to lead the project and established the production plant in the several countries. Based on my 38-year experience, I am able to see the related market more widely and see the future situation very precisely under the partnership with the market & technology expert.

An example, The Indian Government particularly provided me to do the RE related business in India without the Intercountry agreement between Korean and India Government.

I keep the precise information including CAPEX, OPEX and DPR to cover a full value-chain of Rare earth magnet from mining, separation, metal, alloy to Sintered & Bonded NdFeB magnet, and also the recycling of RE magnet and Li battery based on the most advanced technology based on the Ionic Liquid technology, you can refer to my capability at www.grelglobal.com or Linkedin.

I have a strong confidence to establish at least US$5Bil revenue business with over US$1Bil. Profit company with the competitively low investment within next 5 years, under the partnership with the major RE mining countries and RE magnet consumer countries.
I don’t ask you to invest my company but propose you to do the business by yourself under my supervision. In order to start the business in clean basis, I completely resigned CEO of GREL as GREL was not able to support my plan and looking for the company who want to be the leader of RE magnet or Recycling of RE magnet & Li Battery business independently from Chinese Rare earth domination.

My project will cover most of the major project and countries who need to develop RE mine or RE magnet such as U.S.A, EU, Australia, India, Korea, South America, Africa, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and Turkey.

If you understand the potential growing of Rare earth magnet market and Recycling of Li Battery market particularly out of China in next 10 years and willing to involve the business, please contact me for further discussion.

Very Truly Yours,
YC Kim

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