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Good Morning Mr. Masayoshi Son,

My name is Alan Flesher and these are 52 of my Ali / Alibaba Domain Names that I created to use on Alibaba but have decided to offer them for sale. They are powerful Domain Name Assets that could be worth billions. I hope this email gets to you and look forward to learning of your hopeful curiosity. Thanks for having a look!

Ali Tunes.com

Alibaba Tunes.com

Ali Tell.com

Ali Spell.com

Ali Qoins.com

Ali Slim.com

Ali Fragrance.com

Ali Eyes.com

Ali Gardening.com

Ali Beers.com

Ali Couples.com

Ali Couples Day.com

Alibaba Couples.com

Alibaba Couples Day.com

Alibaba Kid.com

Ali Childrens Day.com

Alibaba Childrens Day.com

Ali Family Day.com

Alibaba Family Day.com

Ali Friends Day.com

Alibaba Friends Day.com

Ali Prayer.com

Ali Prayers.com

Ali GetAway.com

Ali Planes.com

Ali Trains.com

Ali Yachts.com

Ali Rare.com

Ali Gardening.com

Ali Masks.com

Alibaba Masks.com

Ali Stocklots.com

Alibaba Stocklots.com

Ali Off Price.com

Ali Job Lots.com

Ali Wines.com

Ali Vegans.com

Ali Veggies.com

Ali Vegetarian.com

Ali Taste.com

Ali Tune in.com

Ali Tuned In.com

Ali Domain Names.com

Alibaba Domain Names.com

Alibaba Domains.com

Ali Players.com

Alibaba Players.com

Ali Champion.com

Ali Champions.com

Ali Competition.com

Ali TwoTwo.com

Ali Bling.com

If My names interest you and you would like to purchase them I'd be happy to share many ideas as to how you could prosper with them.

Be well in these challenging times!

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