@MascoCorp – Keith J Allman – Hi. I recently installed a Peerless faucet (P299618LF-W ) on my bathroom sink. That faucet

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I recently installed a Peerless faucet (P299618LF-W ) on my bathroom sink. That faucet worked for approximately one month before it began leaking.

I took it back to the store where I got it and replaced it with an identical item, which also began leaking shortly thereafter. Each time, this involved crawling under the bathroom counter and contorting my body into a variety of painful positions to complete the installation.

Instead attempting a second replacement, I bought a set of Peerless branded replacement parts and installed them on the faucet.

Within a few months, the faucet began leaking again.

I finally used non-Peerless replacement parts from Ace Hardware to repair the faucet once again, which finally fixed the problem.

Needless to say, I gave the faucet an inferior review at this site: https://www.peerlessfaucet.com/bath/product/P299618LF-W#reviews

I have now posted reviews three times. The first was deleted soon after I posted it.

In hopes of saving others the time and frustration that I've gone through for the past few months, I posted another review pointing readers to the replacement parts from Ace that work.

Someone at Peerless then responded to my review, explaining that Peerless never recommended using aftermarket parts.

I responded that it was disappointing that Peerless was steering people away from a real fix for their junk faucet.

The response was for Peerless to remove both reviews.

I'm failing to understand what a review page is for. If the person "screening" the reviews found my second review appropriate enough to respond to, then why did they later feel it was necessary to delete it? I didn't edit it, and I abided by the posting guidelines.

The fact is, some of us don't have endless $$$ to spend over and over again on the same stuff. I'm an art teacher in a depressed community in West Virginia and have a kid in college. There's no such thing as "discretionary income" here.

So, I think it's unfair for Peerless to prevent their customers from losing money due to the poor QC and lack of care in manufacturing of your product. It'd be one thing if I wasn't speaking the truth, but I just want to help out my fellow human beings who try to be careful with their money.

I'm going to be posting again at the site referenced in the link above, under the "Reviews" tab. Could you please show that you care about your customers and allow my message to get out?

Here is what I will write:

"This is my fourth attempt at writing a review here, as the first three have been taken down.

I have sent a copy of this review to Keith J. Allman, CEO of Masco, parent company of Peerless. I have told him I had three reviews removed already due to negative reviews and that I would be writing a fourth. I also told him that my first several reviews were approved, and then removed after the fact.

If you're having problems with this faucet, don't mess with the Peerless replacement parts, as they will fail just like the originals did.

Instead, go to Ace Hardware and get part #4268538, Ace Faucet Seats and Springs Kit for Oakbrook Faucets (http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=22285706) Replace the seats with those from this kit. It is not necessary to replace the springs or cartridges.

I did this six months ago and haven't had a single problem since. "

I don't want any compensation, free products, etc. I just want to be able to speak the truth and save people money and frustration!


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