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Durai Raj V sent a message to Maureen Chiquet that said:

Dear sir,

Thank you for taking the time to read my email I appreciate it very much. I am Durai Raj V from India “the land of religions”, I want to reach out to you because I think you can able to help me if you can able to read at least once. Please adjust my English language. Yes, I am a 21-year-old unfourtunate boy my father died of road accident on 06/01/2021 a gross-root of our family meanwhile getting out from this tragedy my mother died of Severe covid pneumonia on 04/06/2021. You know what can I feel only God knows if he exists. We are a minimum income family. I do not want any handouts and I just want the opportunity to explain my circumstances. All my life I wanted to become a IAS to help people. I came from a poverty stricken and ignorant parents. I am here not to tell we don’t had money we had some money around 5 lakh rupees in hand and all are spend on y mother’s medical expenses . One thing I have now in my hand is education and my younger sister(17 years). We don’t have basic life needs like food, clothes and shelter. You know we are funded by my uncle for the past 2 months after my mother’s demise. You know how many days he will bear us , they are poor too had his own family. I am writing this mail with blood bleeding heart. In this world of inequality and horrible people you may think me as a spam or scam . But one word I asking please “Help”. I can give any details with proofs you want, if you want to help me.

If you consider to help us our parentless family the one thing I am asking is financial assistance to settle my sister (17 years) have the duty of giving her wonderful life, help me by employment based on my education to stand on my own leg in a longer span and at last please support us morally and psychologically we are very depressed and distress. If you able to read this mail please help us you are more than god if u help us and I believe in good time for my family of 2.

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