@MDLZ – Irene Rosenfeld – To Mister Van de Put: We asked for help and answer! You see clearly that

Three Families sent a message to Irene Rosenfeld that said:

To Mister Van de Put: We asked for help and answer! You see clearly that Mondelez cheated and lied here! If we do not receive an answer from you this week, we need to inform media representatives (Washington Post, New York Times, etc.) or celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres with their show. To ask for help there as well. Hopefully, not everyone in the US will ignore fraud, lies and threats! With criticism of you, because McDonalds, Walmart, Kroger and Kraft-Heinz seem to consciously look away, even though they have affiliations to the company! The damage is several thousand euros and we have not made a single mistake! We did everything right - better and more faithful you can not have participated! We collected loyalty points fairly and correctly every day. To this day for zero and nothing! Your previous behavior is not good and not in order! In injustice should not and may not look away! You have responsibility as a large company! After all, you also want fair customers and no shoplifters, fraud, and the like!
Are you all looking so naïve on purpose? You can see that our three families have been proven to be cheated here! Every one of you sees it! Or tell us what mistake we should have made? Please tell us: what mistake should we have made? Answer: Not a single mistake!
We also summarize the lies of Modelez again:
1. When it was announced to end the action, it was said, we should not worry, there will be enough large premiums. A bold lie! The truth: There were not any bonuses! You can tell by the fact that none of our three families has redeemed points! If there had been such, we would have solemnated!
2. It was then claimed that there were no auctions at Mondelez! Naughty lie! The truth: see proofs. 10 seconds are enough to prove the opposite. Try it out: Googling the words Milka, Kuh-munity and Auktionen.
3. When we presented the evidence, it was suddenly said that it was not possible to collect so many points (Kuhflecken). Naughty lie! The truth: see proofs. We have presented screenshots as evidence! Every point has been collected fairly, honestly and correctly over the years!
4. When we submitted the evidence, it was suddenly said that we had not been a leader in the list of participants! (Suddenly it was possible to collect so many points ?!). Naughty lie! The truth: We were leaders because we were on the page every day, collecting points and watching auctions + bids!
For our points, we have nothing today! The company has completed the campaign without being able to redeem its accumulated points in value! Although we have even been assured that there will be enough big rewards!
So you see, we did not make a single mistake! Not even one!
Who replaces us with the big, big damage?
Their companies (Walmart, Kroger, McDonalds, Kraft-Heinz) all work together with this company! Kraft-Heinz was even present at the beginning (belonging under the name: "Kraft Jacobs Suchard"). Your Federal Trade Commission seems to shut your eyes to Mondelez! 
Tell us, what mistake have we made to justify this fraud, these lies and the threats?
The 100 percent truth: not a single mistake! It is the company! Mondelez has made mistakes - many, as you can see for yourself!
Who replaces us this big, big damage?
You speak of ethics (acting in accordance with the distinction between good and evil) - how does that work when you work with a company that has demonstrably deceived, lied to and threatened families? Where is your company ethics?
Could you kindly replace the high damage that the company Mondelez caused us? Years of fair and correct collected! You see, Management and Supervisory Board behave completely unacceptable! It can not be said otherwise! Evidence has been clearly presented! We did not do anything wrong, on the contrary - we were fair every day to collect!
Do you see that something is wrong here? Please increase the pressure on your supplier. We did not do anything wrong! Always fair and correctly collected over years!
You should all know that crime, fraud and injustice should not be overlooked! What about the ladies and gentlemen of the Supervisory Board? Why are they silent, even though we have provided clear evidence? The company has already lied to us 3 times! We did not do anything wrong, but collected fairly every day! For what? The company has completed the action, without (!) That you could use his accumulated points in value! So who replaces us with the damage? You do business with the global company that lied to customers and handled business unfairly!

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