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Natosha Wright sent a message to Gabriel Tirador that said:

I am a current mercury auto insurance carrier and since submitting a claim your agents have been rude accused us of excluding the Actual registered owner of the vehicle and one who finances the car and also pays the insurance coverage payment it's set up under his bank card information and deducted montlhy from his account, so I'm really pissed that your agents would even lie one being Wendy Garcia about trying to lie to me telling me they would have no idea who Aaron even is unless I typed him on that's complete and utter bullshit, I would hope since she is a insurance coverage specialist that she would know that all she has to do is type the license plate in or vin to see this and if she really does not know that is all it. Takes my question is why is she even working in a area she obviously is not qualified to work in?

Victor Gomez when contacted by him pointed the finguer at me and my boyfriend as well he doesn't even enter the correct time of the incident and I had to correct it later with an agent of yours, also your agents tell me I don't pay for rental coverage and I had to show them proof through my own insurance document scan and email to your agents wtf is that about I have to show proof to the company that insured me. First instead of investigating the actual accident where the commercial truck illegally traveled down a residential street and illegally gave false and correct insurance coverage I'm being investigated about excluding my boyfriend from a policy that is his I was just suppose to be the primary driver and I added him but instead of helping your paying Custer's your treating us like shit and accusing of us .
Also where in the hell is the rental we pay to have in case of emergency like this , huh, Mercury is supposed to provide us with a damn rental of up to 30 a day since that is what we pay for monthly and have for almost a year now to be covered in while our car is being fixed I mean we were struck by a giant truck on a residential street in Citrus Heights that's not even permitted or authorized by the city of Citrus Heights even travel down the street and our car has been sitting damage and I've asked them where they going to send a hangout to evaluate and so we can get this on the roll and it tell me know what insurance agency does that then they tell me I'll submit go get a rental they
won't provide one yet we pay for this and then if they do approve later on we are telling me and I'm basically screwed and aren't even like in really looking into the issue because their website didn't mess up and I can't provide that and showing my browser history and when it screwed up let me try to fix it when adding Aaron to the policy he was at it where they're getting I excluded I never would do that that would be the most stupidest thing to do but a resolution would be for them to actually be the insurance agency that we pay our money for because this is actually costing us a lot and its resulting in almost not getting to work and we have a two-hour commute each way sometimes longer and it would really really be appreciated if they would hold up to their end of the insurance since we do pay to have insurance for you know in instances like this hit me happy here I'm going to provide documents of where they say I signed but yet the date that they're saying I signed I didn't sign but then they provide underneath 4 what they're saying I signed recently is back in October of 2018 that's not even valid because you would have to have my signature I would assume for the renewal process to exclude him when I never get him like I said I have to go home to get that browsing history and take pictures of it but I can show proof I'm actually not home at the moment I had to borrow a friend's car to drive Aaron to work and so I'm sitting in Redwood City waiting for him to get off but here you can see the dates are different on the documents oh and also another thing that I brought their it to their attention is why would Aaron be paying for policy with his own you know checking account name to him if he wasn't going to be on the policy they don't care they just tell me basically they won't do anything

It would be greatly appreciated if you would get back to me I'd like this matter resolved .

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