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Can I please get my job back I really need my job. Sorry if I didn't mention in my first email wat company I was working for I was working at the Signature Housekeeping And the supervisor Luis Chilin who was accused of sexual sault with a Guest room attendant also works at the Signature after being SPI suspended & terminated was able to return back to work and tell this day he works on the same floor with the GRA who he sexual sault and she was also touching the supervisor to, the whole Housekeeping knows that this is true there were witnesses to this You can look into it the supervisor Luis Chilin and the manager Jose De La Cruz Salcedo are friends. Jim I have proof of the manager Racheal telling other employee to stay away from me wen I was working there and nobody didn't listen to me nor did anything about it I even email the proof to HR and to the director of housekeeping Blair De La Cruz I feel like I was being pick on since day one. There's so much stuff that goes on in housekeeping and how the supervisors treat the Guest room attendants {Tower Service one} that you don't know about , If you was able to talk to a few Tower service one You will be in shock on what they tell you. My hire date at the Signature was on 07/27/2016 and I got suspended over the phone on my day off on 10/17/2019 and on my termination paperwork its dated 11/4/2019 and sign by Jose De la Cruz Salcedo I never sign no paperwork at all. Please forgive me for letting a 3rd party company use my vacuum and chemicals. The legal team from the Signature thinks I knew the name of the 3rd party company for witch my daughter was working for I swear to you that I didn't know the name of the company my daughter never told me. Please I really need my job back can I Please have a last chance I give you my word I wont mess up again. Please help me Thank You! Dora Laboy

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