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Dear James J. Murren my name is Dora Laboy I use to be a team member at the Signature I was a good hard worker I went above & beyond for the guests. On my day off witch was on Thursday 10/17/19 I received a phone call from a manager name Phaigan telling me that I was being SPI Suspended over the phone, she didn't even wait until I went back to work to suspend me. I never signed any suspension paperwork which leads me to believe they didn't follow the contract rules it took them two weeks to make a decision then I received a phone call from another manager name Jose De La Cruz Salcedo telling me that the company decided to let me go and that I was being terminated they advised me I will be receiving a letter by mail explaining the reason why I was being separated from the company but I never sign the separation Pan document, I'm gonna be honest with you I was let go for loaning My daughter a vacuum, she was working for an outside company and was cleaning a room at the Signature, on 10/13/19 I was working on the 27 th flr. tower 2 room 27701 check out and my daughter was also on the same floor 27 tower 2 cleaning a room so I let her barrow my vacuum and a chemical I was just being nice I didn't know that a 3rd party couldn't use Signatures supplies or tools, trust me if I would of been informed I wouldn't of let her barrow it I didn't do it intentionally I was just sharing the reason I let her barrow my vacuum & chemical is because she didn't have the required equipment to complete her job, on 10/14/19 I was in tower two floor 18 cleaning my assigned room's and my daughter was on the 27 floor cleaning a room by almost the end of the day when I was done cleaning my assigned rooms on my floor I went up to the 27 floor to get my car keys and another GRA called the supervisor so the supervisor Rocio Castaneda came up to the floor and she rang the door bell once then went inside the room, she saw me inside the room and she question me why I was inside the room so I explain to her why I went to the room, Then she went down stairs and lied to the manager Phaigan saying that she saw me cleaning the jacuzzi inside the 3rd party room, I swear to you that that's not true, there is a video showing me letting the 3rd party using my vacuum & chemicals. One of the MGM employees named Wilson advised a union employee named Dian a union employee (helping with My case) they would allow me come back to work with a last n final but the Legal department said no that I cant return to work, I don't understand how a supervisor (Luis Chilin) who was terminated for sexual harassment could be rehired and I get terminated for simply loaning a vacuum and no one would consider giving me another opportunity I've submitted complaints in the past of A top Manager named Racheal she told several employees to stay away from me and no action was taken I feel discriminated against by upper management of the MGM property. please consider looking into the matter I am a very hard working employee looking for a better future for both me and MGM properties. Thank you

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