Michael, Its rare that I complain as I don’t have time apart from anything else – Michael OLeary email address

Kristen  sent a message to Michael O'€™Leary CEO, Ryanair that said:


Its rare that I complain as I don't have time apart from anything else however I will take time in this instance as I am less then happy with Ryan Air at the moment.

First of all my parents couldn't print their boarding passes a couple of weeks ago. Hours of trying and retrying and then several other people trying and eventually finding someone who did manage to print the boarding passes. Everyone they spoke to on the plane also had the same issue.

Every year I buy vouchers for Ryan Air for my parents as they are keen travellers. This year the same only to discover that they don't work. I offered to ring on their behalf as they are not tech savy so I would have a better understanding of any issues. I couldn't get through on the phone so went on to live chat and waited over 8 minutes for assistance to be told "no problem get them to pay on their credit card as normal and then get on webchat to get their card refunded"!!!!! I don't live in the same city as my parents so couldn't do it for them. I had to explain over the phone what they had to do once they had picked their flights. BTW they had picked their flights days previously and due to the vouchers not working the prices had gone up! The overall explanation was "we sometimes have system issues". It isn't acceptable to waste peoples time like this nor for you to offer a service that doesn't work. Would you think this is an acceptable service if you were on the receiving end? I certainly don't.

Yours sincerely

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