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Serigne M. Gueye sent a message to Michael S Burke that said:

My name is Serigne Gueye and I’m US military retiree currently leaving in Senegal with my family. I?ve spent 20 years with the USARMY and retired last year. I was contacted few weeks ago by a company named Kelly Industry Corporation wanted to do business with the Senegalese government in the domain of waste to energy. After numerous attempts to get in touch with the authorities I?ve finally had to meet with the ministry of environment and ministry of energy offices and had the chance to talk to them about the plan of transforming the big waste around Sénégal in energy. The plan was seen by the government as an excellent project and they were very eager to meet with the members of the company and were even delivered a letter of invitation. It seems that the company in fact is not as known as many of the companies out there. If this is a project you are interested on investing, I’ll be very happy to work for your company as the consultant here in senegal and try to get you the project. This is something the country of Senegal really needs on the environmental plan but also in energy as there is not enough energy to supply the whole country. Please let m know if you have any questions and I?ll be very happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

Serigne Gueye

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