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@MillardDrexler – Millard Drexler – Hello, Recently I had an online purchase with your company J Crew. When I made

Ben Korsi sent a message to Millard Drexler that said:


Recently I had an online purchase with your company J Crew. When I made the payment, I was charged $163.42 when your website showed a total of $100.22. Immediately, I forwarded the billing email to your support team with screenshots of the issue & they would not help, would not cancel my order, & stated in order for me to get a refund, I would need to wait to get the shipment and send back with shipping costs or take it back to the store. I made an online purchase because I didn't want to leave my house.

Ultimately, your company has stolen $60 of my money fraudulently and will not make the order correct or cancel the order. I will send you all communications I've had with support and their supposed leadership. I've been nothing but polite and helpful in hopes to help your team resolve the issue, not only for me but for others. This is my current role in my company, I am a web architect and manage 2 corporate sites that also use 3rd party affiliates. In which, your support blamed the 3rd party affiliate for the issue when your website also was confirming the lower price.

Hoping you can make amends or I will be disputing the payment, contacting the BBB, and will blast social media (reddit/twitter/facebook) about this experience. This is not a threat, I've never had to do anything like this before but I've been treated so poorly in this process, that others must know. I'd rather not do the above but as you can tell, I'm disturbed that any American company would treat a customer as such!


Ben Korsi

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