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Morning Micheal I just felt the need to send you a short message to complement you – Michael OLeary email address

james sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Morning Micheal

I just felt the need to send you a short message to complement you and your many excellent staff members in Ryan air let me explain.
My daughter left Ireland four and a half years ago to study to become a nurse in the UK with the help of Ryan air and your low cost airline we are able to travel to and from London stansted on a regular basis, like my daughter I too left Ireland many years ago this was at a time when it cost hundreds of pounds to come home from Jersey channel islands where I lived for twelve years I came home once a year and rang my mother once a week as the waiting list for a land line was two years and you rang the neighbors house as she was the only one with a phone lol.
Nine months ago my first grand daughter was born in London My wife My two sons and I have made a total of six trips each at different times to London to see them my daughter and granddaughter have been back to Ireland three time in the past nine months, I have just come back from pairs with my son to celebrate his 18 birthday and I have just booked my wife two sons and myself to fry to London for Christmas for as little as 125 euro it used to cost me this one way from Jersey years ago.
In all the flights we have made this year your staff have always been helpful and polite.
So well done to you and the many dedicated staff members that make Ryan air the fantastic company it is today.

PS, I wonder if you took over our health service would you be able to make it work just putting it out there.

Once again thank you for making it so easy for use to travel back and fourth to see my daughter and granddaughter.

Do you now it takes me four hours to drive from my home in Cavan to see my Mother in Cork and it takes me five hours to travel from Cavan to my daughters home in London.

Thank you again


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