Mr Anderson I am writing in utter disgusted and dismay over a recent issue with DTE – Gerard M Anderson email address

Anthony sent a message to Gerard M. Anderson  Chief Executive Officer of DTE Energy Company Email Address that said:

Mr Anderson

I am writing in utter disgusted and dismay over a recent issue with DTE. Weeks ago I scheduled an appointment to have the gas turned on in a property that I have purchased this year. Having spent over $1000, I currently live in London, England, to be there for the 22nd of December for this appointment, I waited all day for DTE to no show. I rang in the morning and was told I would have to wait all day for the worker so show up. After 5 pm, I rang to express my dissatisfaction.

I later called the gas reconnect line only to receive an extremely frustrating responses to my issue. I was told that they are behind and would get to me when they had time!!!! REALLY! I am without heat, scheduled and appointment weeks in advance, did not EVEN get some type of call from DTE about no one showing up and I have to just accept this. Perhaps your company does not really care because they don't have to but I find this utterly ridiculous! I have also tried to talk to a supervisor but had to leave a message. Her name is Joyce, I could not understand her last name, and left 2 messages. Her voice mail says she is away on vacation from July 15-Aug 4th! I politely informed her on my first message that she needs to update her voicemail.

I want an answer and I want gas set up at my house! I understand that they are behind but that is not my problem. Its has been, so far, a very mild winter so it makes me want to believe that the department is mismanaged, short on staff and over scheduling appointments.

I am returning to Detroit on the 3rd of January and I want some answers. You can not treat your customers in this regard. If I had missed the appointment, I am sure I would of been charged a fee for doing so. I am not going to be reimbursed for any of my expenses which will include some type of heating unit upon my return. I pay my bills on time and deserve better then the responses that I am receiving. I should not just have to 'wait for a phone call when they can get to me"!

I would appreciate an immediate response.


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