Mr. Blackledge, My name is Marci. Recently we had an issue that I – James T Blackledge email address

James sent a message to James T. Blackledge – President and Chief Executive Officer of Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company – Email Address that said:

Mr. Blackledge,
My name is Marci. Recently we had an issue that I think you should know about. My Mom is 89 and has had a nursing home policy with Mutual of Omaha since 1987. She has been paying on this policy for many years hoping she would never need it but wanted to know she could be taken care of Monday I helped her with her mail and in it we received a notice from your company that a payment was due in August for her policy. Today I called to see what was going on. I was advised that her policy had been cancelled because of late payment. I have no idea what happened to this notice but I assure you that we received it on Monday. Possibly a neighbor had it or.... My concern is I know it is not your current policy but would it not make sense and cost a little extra to send the final notices to policy holders registered or certified mail to make sure that someone like my Mom does not spend almost 30 years paying on a policy that will be cancelled for late payment....that indeed they actually receive the mail. My Mom does not use a computer so mail is her only connection to the world.

I also found it very funny that for a company that is sooo time sensitive would do the following.... when I asked about reinstatement I was told they would send a form that would take 5-7 days to get out and then of course mail time then I would need to mail the form back to Mutual of Omaha and wait another week or so to hear what the decision ...that is of course would be if I indeed did get the letter....

I am asking you to please reconsider this situation for my Mom Charlotte

Thank you for your consideration.


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