Mr. Bryant,I just read Bruce blog. Funny, a few weeks ago my husband – John A Bryant email address

Mary Lynn sent a message to John A. Bryant – Chairman of the Board of Kellogg Company – Email Address that said:

Mr. Bryant,
I just read Bruce blog. Funny, a few weeks ago my husband and I bought I don't know how many boxes of Kellogg's because we get home too late and didn't want to have to make dinner: we're empty-nesters.

I agree with Bruce, keep your business out of politics. I've passed so many small businesses here in Oakland with their safety pin posters in their windows where my shadow will never again darken their doorstep.

Why do you feel you can marginalize half the population of this country, especially since it's the people in the Heartland that are supporters of President-elect Trump. How many millennialshipsters out here in the Bay area are eating Corn Pops (formerly known as Sugar Pops?) Not too many unless they are adding some kale and kimchi and being sold off a food truck.

I can't remember the last time I went to Target.

I, unlike the left, don't begrudge anyone's personal political opinion, but I don't like when they make it their companies opinion.

So, it's so long Sugar Pops, hello Quaker Corn Bran Crunch.


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