Mr. Burke, My name is Teska (husband, Samuel ), my home number is – Stephen Burke email address

Teska sent a message to Stephen Burke CEO, NBCUniversal, Inc. that said:

Mr. Burke, My name is Teska (husband, Samuel ). I am writing to you because after several years of enjoying Comcast service I feel like my loyality, money and time do not count for anything with Comcast. On 6/22/2015 my husband exchanged our cable box because it stopped working properly. on 6/25/2015, I called for a tech because the "upgaded" box they gave us kept giving us error codes. between 6/25/15 -7/29/15 I have called 9 times to have this box work properly, I have 3 techs come out (one with a new box that he did not install) and still I can not watch the only box on my first floor where my disabled child primarly watches television. Our family has not been able for over a month to use our family room because I cant get someone to fix this problem. I called last week and ask for someone to come and install a new box ( i did not want anymore signals sent trying to correct the problem). For some reason, one of your agents called on last thursday SENDING A SIGNAL while i waited on the line for almost 15 minutes for me to remain at the same square after I told her I did not want another signal sent and my time wasted. After she failed to get the box working she confirmed that she say that I had a ticket for someone to come on Monday 8/3/2015 between 5 - 7 PM. I waited until 8:30 PM (incase they were running late) and then called the service center which is when they told me "someone" cancelled my ticket for service and the next time someone was available to come out was not until Friday 8/7/2015. I asked to speak to a manager but was told a manager was not there and he -Larry- would have to put in a ticket for a manager to call me around 10 AM. At 4PM I found myself calling again to ask for a manager since I never got a call at all and was told that another ticket would need to be put in to have a manager call. I told them I had already done that but no called and then finally got a manager who was of no help. I told him that it was not fair that my family has been inconvenienced all this time and now they are telling to wait yet again to correct what someone in their office messed up by cancelling our ticket. I wanted to tell you what I told them, if I have to wait until Friday to get this "possibly" corrected then instead of them coming to bring a new box I will the tech take all of Comcast boxes out of my home and go with someone who will make me feel valued.


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