Mr. Burke, I am appalled that you have allowed the changes in your News Programming – Stephen Burke email address

Dr. Graynle D. Edwards sent a message to Stephen Burke CEO, NBCUniversal, Inc. - email address that said:

Mr. Burke,
I am appalled that you have allowed the changes in your News Programming staff at MSNBC during the past year as indicated below:
1.The dismissal of Melissa Harris-Perry,
2.Al Sharptons Daily Evening News ,
3.Al Rokers and Tamrons morning segment reputed to be the Best of its type in the industry
4. The actual departure of Tamron completely from NBC.
I am not privilege to know the real impotence for the events , but it is clear to me that the station is moving away from presenting a more balanced perspective of news as presented by Black people.. Al Roker had to do the dirty work of wishing her well as she move son It causes one to question whose next?
This view is evidence by some new commentators who have recently appeared as regulars in your programming.
1. Megan Kelly, Who insist that the mythical Santa Clause and Jesus were white, forgetting that the Bibles description of Jesus opposes that view. Such remarks causes one to question her intellectual capacity.
2.Greta Van Susteren:s inclusion on MSNBC is an outrage. This person has for years been a part of The propaganda machine of Fox News and is now in the slot formally held by Al Sharpton.
I have watched closely the tenor of her interviews and they tend to be more slanted toward the conservative perspective.I am also disappointed that Rachel
Maddow has asked us to give her a chance. Greta has to win the hearts and minds of the listening audience by her performance, not pleas from her friends.
There is every indication that NBC is slowly moving away from a more progressive view of the world to one that conservatives find more palatable.
If NBC does not correct these recent dismissal of outstanding commentators, I will leave NBC Universal and seek more sensitive media services and recommend same to others.

Thank you

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