Mr. Carmichael,We opened an HSA in January, facilitated by a manager in one of – Greg D Carmichael email address

Rose Dykstra sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp Email Address that said:

Mr. Carmichael,

We opened an HSA in January, facilitated by a manager in one of your branches. According to the 5/3 HSA website, accounts with an average daily balance over $4,000 have no service fees. So we opened the account with $5,000. On February 1, we were assessed a service fee of $2.50, because our statement showed a daily average balance of $967. How can this be, as we hadnt even used the account yet?

What is most troubling is that there is NO ONE at 5/3 Bank who has the ability or authority to refund it. Branch office staff refers us to the phone number 888-350-5353 or the website. Those who answer the number tell us the account is not really with 5/3, and there is nothing anyone can do to help. The website has no “contact us” information. Im guessing thats intentional.

So when other issues come up and they will who do we call? Who can we talk to?

We have banked with FeeThird, which is what you have become (previously Old Kent) for 40 years, and I even worked there for 22 years, back when the bank cared about more than profits. Keep your $2.50, but please, go back to offering customer service.

Rose Mike Dykstra

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