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Mr. Claure, I am hoping you can help me. I have been trying, for more – Marcelo Claure email address

Randy Duarte sent a message to Marcelo Claure- the chief executive officer of Sprint Corporation- email address that said:

Mr. Claure,

I am hoping you can help me. I have been trying, for more than a week, to get someone from your Customer Service team to help me update/change my e-mail address. For some reason, an address that does not belong to me is associated to my account, preventing me from managing my account online. When I try to update things online, I get an automated response stating that I need to link to a message sent to this (unknown) e-mail address, while also allowing me to resend. In the message it notes that if the e-mail is incorrect, I can contact someone to have it updated, yet there are no direction on how to do so.

To date, I have tried the following, all to no avail:

online chatting with a representative
I was told I need to visit a store in person
calling into the customer service/technical phone number
the second time, I was told that my issue would be referred to the back office and somebody would be in contact with me - as of this writing, that was five days ago
visiting two stores
the first (I would learn later, was not a corporate store)
the second said they changed my e-mail address, yet I continue to receive the same automated message
tweeting your SprintCare team (see below), who opened a new secure chat option
as of this writing, I have been engaged in the chat for more than an hour, and they are just now asking (after noting Thank you for this information. We are still reviewing some information for you. Please bear with us ) for my security answer, after I provided same in your form when opening the chat window
moreover, their earlier advise when I expressed my concerns about how long it is taking was We do apologize for the long wait. We advise that you visit your nearest Sprint store with a form of ID. We can also connect you with our Technical Department. Are you available to take our call?

Someone, somewhere, was able to change the e-mail address on my account without my permission. Yet, when I try to get it changed back, passing every security challenge provided, I cannot get any support.



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