Mr. Cornell, I am soliciting your help with a problem I encountered with Target Corporation – Brian C Cornell email address

Shemega sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

Mr. Cornell,

I am soliciting your help with a problem I encountered with Target Corporation. I am completely baffled how or why I ended up in the middle of Target's online policy versus Target's in store policy. Below is a series of events I experienced today.

I purchase an item on line and found the identical item for $100 cheaper at a competitor. I called on line customer services and asked about a price match. They were unable to do so because the item from Target included a promotional $100 gift card. I explained that I had not redeemed the gift card and was hoping they would price match and void the gift card. I was told that could not be done. I was instructed to return the item to the store if I wanted a cash refund because I paid via Paypal.

Well, today I visited a Target store but was unable to receive monies I paid for the online item. I purchased the Apple Watch with the $100 gift card promo. I did not redeem the gift card nor did I open the watch. I tried to return both and get my $368 back but no such luck. In the store I was told I would have to receive the refund for the gift card on line as they would only be able to give me $268.

After waiting in the store for two hours trying to get someone from customer service on the phone, I left. I finally got someone to pick up as soon as I pulled out of Target's parking lot. Mark, the customer service representative said that I should go to the store and have them call "on line" services and they will be able to refund the promotional gift card. I told him I waited in store for 2 hours with no luck. He agreed to hold on the phone with me while I went back inside the store.

I went to customer service and asked for the manager who was helping me minutes earlier but he was at lunch. I asked for the store manager but she refused to come to the front. She told the guy via the walkie-talkie there was nothing that could be done in the store. How RUDE!!!! She refused to even acknowledge my presence at the store. Mark heard this information and told me he would escalate the call to the next level. I was on hold for this to happen for 1 hour and 44 minutes until my phone finally died.

I am getting conflicting information from online customer service versus the in-store policy. Why am I in the middle? On line customer service rep says read our policy ; you have to take it to the store but when I try they tell me there's nothing that can be done because they can not refund a promotional gift card in the store.

I am terribly disappointed in Target. The manager who refused to come talk to me was a huge slap in the face. This is not the treatment I deserve or any other customer deserves for that matter.
It has been an impossible task to get the money I paid for an item that I have not used and no longer need.

Mr. Cornell, I am asking for your assistance in making sure Target management teams receive customer service training which encompasses compassion , listening and the importance of empathy. I also ask for your help in returning my item and receiving a full refund.

I can be contacted at the information below.



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