Mr. Cornell My name is Larry, I live in West Chicago, Illinois. Contacting you – Brian C Cornell email address

Larry  sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation – email address that said:

Mr. Cornell:

My name is Larry, I live in West Chicago, Illinois.
Contacting you is a privilege, I just would like to contact you for different reason than the new policy allowing transgenders to enter Target public bathrooms.
This decision is Ill advised Mr. Cornell for some of the following reasons. 1- children, young adults being exposed to this life style choice. A corporation plays an important role influencing a child's development of what is acceptable. Of course the parents are the main influencer. It is disturbing to see the Target Corporation make this decision, rather then setting a standard for what is good and acceptable standard for society. Target has contributed the collapse of family values and norms for a safe healthy society. 2- Perhaps Target did not know or consider the fact the John Hopkins has stopped performing sex changes, because of the HIGH number of suicides AFTER the change. Target had the opportunity to re-enforce what is healthy for society, Target still can, by correcting a horrible decision.

Respectfully, please reverse this decision.

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