Mr Creed. This is in response to my complaint of my local Pizza Hut not – Greg Creed email address

Randal sent a message to Greg Creed – Chief Executive Officer of Yum Brands – Email Address that said:

Mr Creed. This is in response to my complaint of my local Pizza Hut not putting extra sauce on my pizza orders for the last 10 years. This is my final complaint for that store. We will never go back. - So Annie, the manager of the Oporto office called me to offer an apology for the last 10 years of not putting extra sauce on my orders as requested. She apologized but didn't really seem to care. She said nothing about addressing or correcting the problem. She didn't even acknowledge that there was a problem. She don't care. Why should she? That is not what I wanted anyway. I wanted your area manager to place an order with the Oporto store with extra sauce and see what he gets. Did he do that? Of course not. I doubt anybody actually read my letter. You just saw a complaint for that store and had the manager call me. By the way, what did you expect her to do? And why would I want a free pizza coupon when the pizza will just be dry and nasty? And no, I do not want the Oporto manager calling me again to offer some useless apology. Just know that that store sucks and although we will have to drive twice as far, we will not be going back to Oporto Madrid. By he way, I am sending your CEO Greg Creed a copy of this email as I am also a Yum stock holder.

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