Mr.Creed, You are a busy man , So I will get to the point . As – Greg Creed email address

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Mr.Creed, You are a busy man , So I will get to the point .
As the COO of a large corporation you rarely here from "nobodies" like me .
But I want to share with my experience with a store of one of your subsidiaries , Kentucky Fried Chicken. I went to store 26 in Lewisvile Texas to purchase the family a carryout dinner .it took 45 minutes to get my order . This is the worst customer service I have ever seen .
The sales tactics being used at the store seem almost criminal. Within 1 minute of accept my order some one was out of the kitchen indicating they did not have the items THAT WERE JUST SOLD TO ME cook and it would take 17 to 20 minute to complete. why would you sales somthing that you know you don't have prepared ??
Bottom line you got a staff that don't care about the customers as long as they sales the order regardless if they have the item being sold .
The sad part , I can remember when KFC management took pride in the employee and customers. Now if the store manager and staff is the face of the company ( or district) it seem to me you don't really care .

Good day Sir

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