Mr Don Slager:My charges for a once a week pickup sanitation has gone through the – Donald W Slager email address

Joseph Nickell sent a message to Donald W. Slager Chief Executive Officer and President of Republic Services, Inc. Email Address that said:

Mr Don Slager:

My charges for a once a week pickup sanitation has gone through the roof. I am currently being charged over $200 per three months services. I checked with my next door neighbor, and he informed me that his bill is around $100 for the same exact service. My neighbor and I have lived next door for over 24 years. We own our homes. When we asked our neighbor how much his bill was, we expected that we had exact/similar bills because we have the exact same service from Republic, a one day a week pickup and two herbies. The only difference is that we pay double the bill each 90 days. Why am I being charged double of what my next door neighbor is charged? We have no other option for weekly garbage pickup, which makes this a monopoly. I am completely disabled and have no other option. I need an answer that makes sense. I will be forced to turn this over to our Kentucky Attorney General, who has helped me prior on a similar situation. I will await your answer before I report this to the Kentucky Attorney General, Lexington-Fayette County Urban Government, and the three local TV news channels; ABC, CBS, and NBC. All I ask for is fairness, not special treatment. I just dont think its fair for me to pay double of what my next door neighbor pays. Nobody would think this is fair. Thanks in advance for your help...

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