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Mr. Dufour, My name is Troy ; I am an 18 year old hard working – jean frederic dufour email address

Troy sent a message to Jean-Frederic Dufour, CEO of Zenith, will be taking the reins as global CEO of Rolex that said:

Mr. Dufour,

My name is Troy ; I am an 18 year old hard working boy who attends Bentley University. All my life I have fantasized over Rolex products. Due to my lack of salary, your products have been nothing but an avid dream. I am a firm supporter in working hard for what one possesses, and hand outs in my opinion are nothing but a suggestion that it is socially acceptable to be feeding off of others success. However, I have realized at my age obtaining a Rolex product is unreasonable for many years.

I contact you today wishing to be an ambassador for your product. Going to a business university I am capable of spreading the desire for a Rolex time piece to thousands of future clients. It would be much appreciated if you could send me any piece of Rolex merchandise that I could wear proudly and advertise.

Your products are truly one of a kind and breath taking.

If you don't mind contacting me, that alone would be flattering, understanding that you are a substantial leader in the business industry that I too wish to be one day.

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