Mr. Edwards, I am sorry to bother you but I was told to contact you – Robert L Edwards email address

Nicole Clark sent a message to Robert L. Edwards - Chief Executive Officer and President at Safeway Inc. - Email Address that said:

Mr. Edwards, I am sorry to bother you but I was told to contact you about an injury I sustained while employed at Safeway in Dunkirk, Md.

This happened on 11/22/16. I was cashier, the handle of a large frozen turkey broke while I was ringing it up and fell and crushed my left hand. I reported it to Dave Keffer as soon as it happened and immediately went to the emergency room
at Calvert Memorial Hospital.

I found out last week that the accident was never reported, therefore, the hospital and ex-ray bills are not being paid. I never received my lost wages.

I talked to Ron, a new manager on 8/4/17 and he told me he knows nothing about it, he heard it mentioned though at the store by Devarne Ratliff. He said there is nothing he can do about it Since he was not there when it happened.

Since the accident, I am no longer being put on the schedule. I get zero hours a week. I call and ask to be put on the schedule and each week, I have nothing.

I am being told to contact an attorney because I am being black-listed at the store since I got hurt and my injury was not reported and the bills are not being paid and are put on my credit as negative.

Mr. Edwards, I am only 18 years old and I have a child to take care of. Please look into this.

You can contact me through email. I look forward to hearing from you or someone from your staff very soon.

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