Mr. Fairbank, Message below was sent to BBB and Consumer Action and will be – Richard Fairbank email address

STEVEN sent a message to Richard Fairbank – Chairman and CEO, Capital One – Email Address that said:

Mr. Fairbank,

Message below was sent to BBB and Consumer Action and will be sent to anyone else I think can help.

My complaint was by phone to start with after receiving a letter that an account
was going to collections. I found out through the call that there were 3 cards opened in my name not just one by the same person. They used my name, SS#, birthdate,and address. They used their own e-mail address and phone # on the application. Cards were activated using her cell phone #. This was done by my ex after we separated in June of 2015 after her being arrested for the third time for domestic violence. I received the letter in Jan 2016. Capitol One had me fill out fraud paperwork, I also filed a police report. Capitol One was very uncooperative and would not send any statements or copies of the application for the accounts. My ex set up account with paperless billing. Police didn't file charges due to lack of proof from me. After receiving letters from Capitol One saying I was responsible for all charges on the cards they finally sent statements and copies of the applications. I was then able to collect forged receipts and her statements to her lawyer during our divorce hearings. She said I said I would open these cards to help her with living expenses, she said I said this when she was in the hospital on 7/8/15. I now know this a lie because the application and account open dates on my credit report were 6/1, 6/1, and 7/1. I will be filing a new police report next week in hopes of her getting arrested. June 22 23 2016 Capitol One sent letters saying they now know the two accounts in
the letters were fraud. They removed accounts from my credit reports and said I did not owe money due on those accounts. The third account I called on yesterday
and again today. Yesterday 7/5/16 I talked to Anthony at Capitol One, he looked at all three accounts and agreed the patterns and info on all three were exactly
the same and the third should have also been considered fraud. Anthony transferred me to the original investigator Matt who never called me back the first time around and didnt answer or call back again yesterday or today, not much of an investigator. I talked to a fraud supervisor today who said they would not override Matts original decision and I would need to pay the balance down to zero. I did pay it
off today and had planned on payoff the other two before I received the letters saying they were fraud. I paid only because I just turned 60 and dont feel I have 7 to10 years to rebuild my credit. My credit has been pretty close to perfect until these cards were opened without my knowledge. When these cards were added to my credit report my rating dropped from close to 800 to 624. Capitol has to be the worst company
in any business I have ever dealt with. I plan on sending this to anybody I think can help. This is just robbery. I hope Capitol One looks at this again and issues the refund I deserve.
Thank You

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