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Mr. Fettig, This past June 2016, my Mom’s house, in Elkview, was flooded in the – Jeff M Fettig email address

Tonya sent a message to Jeff M. Fettig – Chairman and CEO of Whirlpool Corporation – Email Address that said:

Mr. Fettig,
This past June 2016, my Mom's house, in Elkview, was flooded in the Elk River Flood here in West Virginia. She had to buy new kitchen appliances and purchased a new Whirlpool stove from Home Depot, which was installed this past August 2016. Last week (middle of December 2016), the stove started smoking and stopped working. She called Home Depot and they scheduled for someone to come by this afternoon to check on it. Well, this morning someone from the service called and said they were cancelling the service call because they were told the warranty was expired. She called Home Depot (numerous times) to figure out what was going on. After getting the runaround, they finally called her back and said the parts have been ordered but her stove wouldn't be fixed before Christmas...Mom is having family over this week (lots of people). Anyway, she asked how they could order the parts without even looking at the stove...of course no one could give her an answer from Home Depot...continued runaround. This is after they had to replace her new built in microwave last week.
My Mom and Stepdad are 71 years old and have been thru sooo much with this flood...especially since my Dad built her house (the house that flooded) with his own two hands, and he passed away in 1988. Anyway, is there anything you can do? I just want this taken care of. My sister is ready to call the media because we are all sick of people taking advantage of them (i.e., the contractor who worked on their house and now Home Depot). I am the calm one who is trying to find a better solution and I hope you can help.
Mom is afraid to have the stove in her house, even if they fix it, due to it smoking. She, and I, always heard Whirlpool was a very good brand but this, and the service regarding it, is making us strongly doubt that.
My Mom's name is Peggy,

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

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