Mr. Ghosn, I own a 1986 Nissan 300ZX. I purchased it new (I have – Carlos Ghosn email address

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Mr. Ghosn,
I own a 1986 Nissan 300ZX. I purchased it new (I have purchased 3 Nissan's over the years). The car has less then 57,000 miles on it. It has been in storage for the last 16 years. I recently retired and want to get the car back on the road. In doing so I discovered the car was involved in a "Safety Campaign" back in 1996. The issue was with the Fuel Injection System. I was never informed of the recall. I found out through a neighbor. I inquired of Nissan North America. They initially had no information on the campaign. However after extensive research I provided them with all of the details. This included all the Letters of agreement between Nissan and the National Highway Transportation Safety Board as well as all of the associated Service and Maintenance Bulletins detailing all parts, Kits and replacement procedures. After reviewing this information a Nissan N.A. Customer service Rep. told me if I obtained the necessary parts Nissan would reimburse me for the parts and a local Nissan Dealer (Sansone Jr. 66 Automall in Neptune, N.J.) would do the work at no charge to me. I went to the dealership and confirmed with the Service Director. while attempting to find the necessary parts, I discovered that Nissan N.A. still had all of the associated Parts and Kits. I informed the Local Service Manager. He called me back to inform me he has ordered all parts and is awaiting delivery. he said he would call when he received them. This was in mid-September. Yesterday I followed up with him as I not heard from him. He informed me that he has all the necessary parts and his Tech. is up to speed on the replacement but he can not get Nissan North America(Warranty) to authorize the work. I called Nissan N.A. and they are now (Today 10/26/16) telling me they will not authorize the work. After explaining that another C/S Rep. told me they would do the work and reimburse for parts. Also the Service Manager told me he would do the work at no charge to me, and he is already in possession of all Parts. That made no difference to Nissan N.A. today. Please assist if you would.
Thank You in advance for your assistance

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