Mr. Ghosn,Below, please find my response from a Volvo sales rep in upgrading my – Carlos Ghosn email address

Mark sent a message to Carlos Ghosn President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. – email address that said:

Mr. Ghosn,
Below, please find my response from a Volvo sales rep in upgrading my once Leased Volvo.

Hey Zebariah, thanks for the offer. However, I traded the Volvo for owning a Nissan 2015 Altima, unfortunately, for me, what was supposed to be a "Great Offer" from Nissan turned into a nightmare leaving me upside down ten grand as they added a year's worth of the balance of my lease on my contract. Nobody in the sales or Finance department brought my attention to this ridiculously foolish move on my part -- I did not study the contract, did not bring my glasses, just trusted that they were going to take care of me and get me into a newer vehicle with lower payments. I was in sales most of my life, and the number one asset any successful sales person should cherish for future business with his customers is, INTEGRITY and for what they did to me handcuffing me to this car until it's paid off due to that extra $5,000 they added on at the end of my contract - had anyone brought it to my attention that I should wait another year before my lease is up, or what will happen is exactly what happened - only shouts out the word, GREEDY!!! They gave me a 2.95% interest rate only so they could bring the price down and tricked me into believing I got a really good deal until a friend of mine checked out the contract and told me how ridiculous this whole trade was and not in my best interest. Had someone brought that to my attention adding another $5,000 to the price of this car - never would I have made that transaction and simply would have waited the year...instead they charge me for a year's lease and then this car to boot - I paid for two cars at once! Who in their right mind would have made that transaction as a "Good Deal" as promised...just so you know, thx for your offer.

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