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Jeremy sent a message to Stephen K. Gunn Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Sleep Country Canada that said:

While I would imagine you get many emails and are a very busy man, just as we all are, I hope that you might take a minute to read about my more recent experience at Sleep Country.
And while it may sound like a sad story, it is certainly not meant to be. Only one that as CEO, I would like to know that too place within my company.

Unfortunately, my father-in-law has just been diagnosed with cancer. He is not in a good place physically nor mentally (to say the least).
To ease his pain, we have had his sister move to Toronto from Collingwood to help him with everything from putting on his shirt to opening a jar of pickles. Neither of which he can do on his own anymore.
To make her life a little more pleasant(his sisters'), we went to Sleep Country to buy a bed for her. Just a simple twin bed to put in the living room.
My wife, 2 week old newborn and myself went to make this purchase in a panic. As you could imagine, with a newborn and father recently stricken with cancer, everything is done in somewhat of a panic this days.
Long story short, we purchased what we needed and went on our way.
The next day we picked up the bed from the warehouse and headboard from the store.
The headboard did not was a queen size headboard to go with our full size bed purchase.
While it was explained to the staff that this bed was going into a living room and that we did not have much space, this is what we were sold.
Once we realized the headboard was not going to work in the living room, we asked for our money back.
We were offered an exchange or a credit note which in any other circumstance would be completely acceptable except that my father in law does not exactly have the time left to use a gift card in the future nor does he want to wait weeks for an exchange and disrupt his home again as the days become more difficult.

I have spoken to the store, customer service and even the regional manager.
I have been informed that we were sold a floor model headboard and it was a “Final Sale”.
We were not informed this at the time of purchase.
And while something may have been said to us, we were not exactly in the frame of mind to really digest a lot.

I’ve explained my case to the regional manager and he said that he is being sympatric by offering us an exchange or credit as normally, he couldn’t even do anything to help someone out that bought a floor model.
The thing is…this isn’t “normally”.
This is anything but “normally”.

Well Mr. Gunn, that was my recent experience with Sleep Country.
The lack of compassion shown to my family was nothing short of appalling.
You can be sure that neither myself, my family or anyone else I come across that will listen, will be shopping at your stores again.


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