MR. Henslee,I hate writing to CEO for a resolution to a problem. I had – Gregory L Henslee email address

Chris Cox sent a message to Gregory L. Henslee Chief Executive Officer and President of OReilly Automotive Inc. Email Address that said:

MR. Henslee,
I hate writing to CEO for a resolution to a problem. I had order a brake bleeder connectors from your store@ 13840 N. 35th Ave, Phoenix AZ. I got a call from store saying they have it in but missing 1 of the connectors. The guy also said not sure if you need it to but up you if you want it. I told hime I needed all connectors and the guy said he could send me another store or order it again. I told him order it. Next day I went store find out the one came there was missing 2 of the connectors and they piece the 2 packs together to make 1. LOL this is terrible. we;ll looking at the connectors I knew they wouldnt work and ask the guy at the counter if he had others he show me some said might work. I asked him to pull a Master Cylinder for my truck off shelf and try they. He looked up part and said dont have one here. Then he told me go back to back and look at those connectors again and I will look behind counter see we have any here. I walked back to the store only hear him tell the girl working there he was going to lunch be back later. Upon going back to counter she had my return to credit card slip printed out and said sign this and we will credit your card. again LOL this is some worst customer service I have seen since I wanted to purchase another item and finding out 1 that person helping me took off out door after sending me to back store to lunch and the other doidnt want help me. I buy a lot things from Oreillys Auto parts as one the store is close to me. But this is the second time I have had issues with same store. A purchase a truck battery there and it went bad in 3-4 months and took back and more or less the couter person act like I was lieing to him. I told him at the time I just want another battery and not a refund that my truck is not starting due to battery. I have a faulty battery in it still as it leaks battery fluid out it. But it is a pain to go through the BS to get it replaced. Again I have same battery in me 2013 F150 and have no issues at all with leaking. But in my Ford Expedition the acid boils out under caps and runs across the top battery when hot out. I decided why go through the crap when in a bit Ill most likely go to Napa and get new battery. Anyways I apologize for bothering you on this but internet search pointed to you. Just FYI this store is the worst customer service I have dealt with from Ohio, Oklahoma and Arizona stores where I went to get my parts. Maybe you could contact me as I like to tell you instead of typing to you. Voice means more then words we type. Have A Wonderful Day. Chris Cox.

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